Shaver Outdoor-Outside Wood Burning Furnace-Stove- Boiler is the BEST!

Shaver Outdoor-Outside Wood
Burning Furnace-Stove- Boiler
is the BEST!


First and foremost the firebox thickness is the most important factor. We have the thickest firebox available in the industry at just shy of 1/2″ –  compared to 1/4″ from our nearest competitor. That’s 100% thicker and that’s important because the firebox is always the first thing to fail. Most furnaces are only .125 to .1875″ thick, with only 2 others that are .250″ thick.

We have a 20 year parts AND labor ON-SITE warranty. Most others just cover parts or their warranty is much shorter – read the fine print!!

There is a forced-air blower in back that feeds air into the firebox, below the grate, to feed oxygen to the fire. Feeding the fire from the bottom (just like a blacksmith would) is the best way to get complete combustion from the wood. This is infinitely better than a fan on the front door blowing air into the side of the fire – or a manual draft. The fan is thermostatically controlled to keep the water at a set temperature and is adjustable.

The grates are made out of 3/4 inch bar stock. We have NEVER had one burn through!

The ash “pan” (non-removable) is approx. 16″ wide x 34″ long and is 8″ high (on the 165 model and up to 68″ long on the 340 and TW4000). Many furnaces don’t even have one, requiring you to let the fire die down in order to clean it.

We also have a 50 foot POTABLE water coil (for your water heater) made out of 50 feet of coiled 5/8″ OD copper tubing!

With our built-in heat exchanger don’t need a separate heat exchanger for the hot water heater, often called a side-arm exchanger. We have 3 water outputs standard. One is potable water using a sealed copper coil and lines to your water heater. The other outputs give you the whole 170 – 300 gallon tank of water that is circulated with a pump to the inside heat exchanger.

We have a 170-300 gallon water tank! Many manufacturers only use 90-125 gallon tanks! The size is critical when heating a larger home. DON’T BELIEVE IT when they say they can heat 4,000 sq. ft. and have 300,000 BTU from 100 gallons. That’s impossible without heating the water to over 300 degrees! Science is science!

The firebox is round and infinitely stronger than any square firebox will ever be! On the 165 model, it is 36″ wide x 26″ high (due to the grate and ash pan in the bottom) x 34″ deep. The 340 model is 68″ deep! It is made from almost 4/10th of an inch of solid steel. We’ve never had one rust through or crack!

It is totally surrounded with 170 -300 gallons of water, so that it absorbs the maximum amount of heat possible! The water jacket surrounding the firebox is rectangular and is made from 1/8 inch thick metal – the standard in the industry for water tanks – as opposed to auto body thickness sheet metal on others. We are two times thicker; 11 gauge vs. 16 gauge.

The chimney is made out of 5 inch schedule 40 pipe (1/4″ thick) and is surrounded by water as well. It tops out at about 90″ above ground. You can EASILY add extensions with standard 6″ stovepipe.

The chimney is low in the firebox and exits about 1 foot from the bottom shelf, so that the smoke – or more importantly, the heat – is trapped so that it doesn’t quickly escape out the flue. That would be a big loss of efficiency. This is also a better idea since you don’t have baffles creating a lot of smoke and getting a creosote buildup on them that’s hard to clean.

This also creates a 2nd burn chamber, to more completely burn the gases and wood! When wood starts to burn it’s the escaping gas that burns first, then the wood! This is a type of gasification furnace but we do it a whole lot simpler and without any computer parts or circuit boards.

The water surrounds the ash pan as well. As anyone with a wood-stove or furnace knows, ashes put out a lot of heat!

There is a full-size rear door approx 40 x 48 inches. This makes it VERY easy to make connections and to service it. There is no need to pull the whole shell off as with other furnaces!

We have an extra large, waist-high loading door – 18″ x 18″ suitable for putting BIG pieces of wood in! A 30″ piece, only 15″ in diameter will weigh 115 lb!

The door material is made with a 1/2 inch frame and a 1/4 inch outside steel plate plus a 1/4 inch thick inside steel plate separated by the air gap between the steel plates. This door will never burn through! The insulating ability is the air gap plus the reflective factor of the inside plate. The inside plate only 4 bolts attach it to the door so there is verylittle heat transfer. There is also insulation between the plates now!

These furnaces now come with an automatic double flood light on the front for safety and ease of loading the wood. Not only that, it’s aMOTION LIGHT! No switches. No forgetting to turn it off. If it’s dark outside and you go near the furnace, it turns on!

There are legs on the bottom with a skirt surrounding the bottom to ground level to keep it warm and dry.

The exterior is made of Heavy Duty Siding – 29 gauge with 10 coatings and it has a Lifetime film integrity warranty and 30 years against fade and chalk

We can build just about anything. Billy did one recently with FIVE outlets!

Remember, the 20 year parts AND labor ON-SITE warranty – even in Canada – is probably the best feature because at least 50% of the manufacturers out there require that you ship the furnace back to the factory to get it repaired. Then they have to ship it back and while the repair may be free, they charge you for the shipping both ways AND you have to disconnect the furnace, reinstall it and be without it for 2-4 weeks.

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