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Shaver Outdoor Outside Wood Burning Furnace Boiler Stove

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Please note that all outside wood boiler prices listed are for the unit models only and do not include Pex, outdoor wood furnace parts or shipping costs!

Be sure to buy your outdoor wood furnace now so you are grandfathered in before the new EPA laws go into effect in the year 2015. Furnaces will have to be EPA approved starting in 2015, which will result in higher prices and stricter cleaning regulations. Ask Randy for more information if you have any questions about the law.  You can also click here for more information.


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Nature's Comfort Stoves/Boilers

Nature's Comfort Outside Stoves Boilers


Built in Shipshewana, IN; close to the fabrication plants in the heart of Amish country with their strong work ethic and pride in the quality of their work.

Nature's Comfort has wood and coal boilers,
pellet stoves and EPA Certified furnaces.

STARTING at $3490
for 2,000 sq. ft.

ALL Furnaces have E-Z FLOAT! for easy water level monitoring and very large doors!. Most have an ash pan.
All furnaces are pre-wired and ready to install!
Many furnaces come as coal versions too!

These are outside wood stoves for sale!


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Nature's Comfort NCB-80 Boiler

Nature's Comfort NCB-120 Boiler

Nature's Comfort COAL Furnace NCB-120-COAL

Nature's Comfort NCB-175 Boiler

Nature's Comfort COAL Furnace NCB-175-COAL

Nature's Comfort Wood Furnace NCB-250

Nature's Comfort COAL Furnace NCB-250-COAL

Nature's Comfort NCB-275G Gasification Boiler

Nature's Comfort COAL Furnace NCB-275G-COAL

Nature's Comfort NCB-325G Gasification Boiler

Nature's Comfort COAL FURNACE NCB-325G-COAL Boiler



New Top-Loader Wood Burning Stove! Chest design; Log Burner.

top loading wood burning Hydronic furnace

Load with your backhoe, front-end loader or other machinery!

  Model 316 - Heats up to 7,710 sq. ft.
Fire Box  4'L X 3'W X 3H
FB Capacity 36 cubic feet
Water Capacity 316 gall  147 gall bottom water jacket, 169 top water jacket
BTU 308,416
Price $9,264

  Model 450 - Heats up to 10,418 sq. ft.
Fire Box  6'L X 3'W X 3H
FB Capacity 54 cubic feet
Water Capacity 425 gall  186 gall bottom water jacket, 239 top water jacket
BTU 416,752
Price $12,325

  Model 1000 - Heats up to 11,858 sq. ft.
Fire Box  5'L X 5'W X 3H
FB Capacity 75 cubic feet
Water Capacity 486 gall  181 gall bottom water jacket, 305 top water jacket
BTU 474,336
Price $14,481

  Model 1350 - Heats up to 32,403 sq. ft.
Fire Box  6'L X 6'W X 6H
FB Capacity 216 cubic feet
Water Capacity 1328 gall  544 gall bottom water jacket, 784 top water jacket
BTU 1,296,128
Price $21,227


Read this!

Why Buy a Shaver Furnace?

One of the most important things, is how the firebox is made. Most fireboxes are square or rectangular; using six flat slabs of steel and requiring 12 welds to put the firebox together. This is not good because welds are where leaks usually start. We have a round firebox, which is infinitely stronger than any square box will ever be. We only need two welds to put our firebox together; one each end to attach the end plates.

We also have grates in our furnace, which most manufacturers do not have. This allows the ashes the fall into the ash receptacle. On our furnaces we have a separate door to clean out the ashes. This can be done even when there is a raging fire in the firebox.

With all of the other models, you have to open the firebox door to clean out the ashes. The other manufacturers wrongfully claim that you can open the firebox door and clean out the ashes, simply by pushing the burning wood to the side. This is basically, totally untrue. It is quite difficult to push the burning logs to the side. Even if you were able to do so, I guarantee that the firebox is at least 800F and up to 2000F. There is no way that you are getting anywhere close to the firebox, without burning yourself, on these other models.

Because we have an ash receptacle, we are able to put our fan in the back of the furnace. The fan blows just through the ash receptacle, and up through the grates, feeding oxygen into the bottom of the fire, just like a blacksmith's forge.

Most furnaces have a fan on the front door. You can tell this by looking at the furnace and there is usually a big black box on the front door. This is the fan and it only blows air into the side of the pile wood and not from the bottom, where it is needed. Remember, fires always burn from the bottom, which is why you normally form the wood into a teepee fashion; to get oxygen into the bottom.

We have our induction forced-air  fan in the back; blowing air through the ash receptacle and up through grates, feeding oxygen into the bottom of the fire like a blacksmith's forge.

Since we are talking about fans, it is important to know that our fan is an off-the-shelf part, that is available anywhere. Our fan, thermostat and pumps, are all off-the-shelf outdoor wood boiler parts, available anywhere. We do not have any proprietary parts, like the others.

We do not have any circuit boards or computerized parts to cause problems. Most of the time, these meet an early demise due to power surges. They usually run several hundred dollars and there's no need for fancy parts like this.

Going back to our firebox, if you look at the pictures, you will see that the chimney drops down into the firebox 14 inches. This traps the heat in the furnace, instead of rushing out of the chimney, heating the outside air. There is no place for the heat to go otherwise, and so it heats the water.

Even more important than that, this traps all of the gases in the firebox as well. There is a tremendous amount of energy in gases, in the wood. All of these gases are trapped and burnt off, giving you more free energy for the same amount of wood.

There are other models that are called gasification furnaces, that do the same thing, but they use elaborate and expensive methods to burn off the gases; using computerized parts and circuit boards. The feedback that I have been getting from customers, who purchase these new gasification furnaces (from others), is that they are extremely hard to start and once started, they are very difficult to keep running. In fact it becomes a "full-time job", many have said. Their furnaces cannot burn green wood. All of the wood needs to be correctly seasoned to 20% moisture content.

In addition, these furnaces are typically $2000-$4000 more than the older, simpler furnaces which had been tried, tested and proven for 40 years (how long we have been in business).

Remember, the 20 year parts AND labor ON-SITE warranty, is probably the best feature because at least 50% of the manufacturers out there require that you ship the furnace back to the factory to get it repaired. Then they have to ship it back and while the repair may be free, they charge you for the shipping both ways AND you have to disconnect the furnace, reinstall it and be without it for 2-4 weeks.

Read the whole article Here



5/30/11: IN, NH, NY, MD, PA, OR, WA and VT no longer permit outdoor wood burning furnaces, that are not EPA approved. 
we do have a new EPA certified furnace available now!

 you may be able to take advantage of the
less expensive ($2000+ less) and simpler furnaces that can burn COAL and
 are built without electronics and circuit boards!
Check with your local code enforcement office!

You may be able to purchase a coal furnace that does not have to be EPA approved. As far as we can tell, they are okay in PA, IN, NY and VT and may be good in many other states too!

When it comes to outdoor wood furnace Indiana, The ThermoWind may be allowed in Indiana and other states because their restrictions seem to be on "boilers", which the ThermoWind, is not.

Out largest furnace is over 300,000 BTUs
which many laws exclude,
as well and would be legal.


LAYAWAY a furnace NOW! No interest!
Just a small down payment on it
and pay on it monthly!

We ship to your home on our own truck!

Shaver Semi Delivery Truck

We usually deliver on our truck
and trailer and unload it!

Plus we have the ability
to move it to your pad,
if desired.

We also ship by freight to Alaska, Canada,
states west of Kansas and overseas.


Outside Wood Burning Furnace Warranty

20 Year

In addition to our tried and true
water furnace, we now have the


Check out our ThermoWind video below:

 ThermoWind 1000
is rated to heat
up to 3500 sq. ft.

ThermoWind waterless furnace

for only

 ThermoWind 2000
is rated to heat
up to 5500 sq. ft.

waterless furnace wood furnace

for only

ThermoWind 3000
is rated to heat
up to 6875 sq. ft.

waterless wood burning stove

for only

 ThermoWind 4000
is rated to heat
up to 8500 sq. ft.

ThermoWind 4000 wood waterless furnace

With 2 furnace fans,
2 doors (one on each end)
 and four ducts
for only $6947

SAME 20-Year
On-Site Warranty!

Forced-Air FAQ HERE

Heating a well-insulated home in a climate
as cold as PA, using a good hardwood like Oak and loading it twice a day


All of the rest of the site -
over 100 pages -
are about the
traditional water furnace.

All other links,
other than the four above,
are for the water furnaces,
that we've built for 40 years.


We have a firebox
that is almost
1/2" thick - 
(.469) -

for only $175!

Our standard 3/8" firebox is actually
OVER 4/10th of an inch thick;
70% thicker than our competition.

Most are only
1/16" to 1/4" thick

Our closest competitor
is only 1/4" thick. 
We're 50-87% thicker!

($175 option - water furnaces only)

 WHY do we say we have the

Read Below...

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move your cursor over the box below!

To read more, CLICK HERE


Shaver Outside Wood Stove


Pro Series 165: 
Only $5377


ThermoWind 1000
ONLY $4147

YES!  We still have our water furnaces!

99% of this website is about water furnaces and every button on the left side is about water furnaces - 120 different pages!

Shaver Furnace Reviews - Customer Contest Videos


See more Shaver Furnace videos at YouTube!

Shaver Furnace Reviews - Customer Testimonials


Shaver Furnace Reviews


A Shaver Outside Wood Furnace...

provides hot water through insulated Pex pipe for heating and is used with your existing forced air, boiler or radiant system. 

Our systems will work great with virtually any system; Hydronic or radiant floor heat, forced air systems (oil, LP, Natural Gas), gas packs, heat pumps, boilers, water radiators, etc. You can also heat more than one furnace in one home.

We can even help you if you don't have any heating system now!

It will provide an abundance of domestic hot water, saving you $30-$60 a month with that feature alone!

It can heat your swimming pool and hot tub. It can also melt ice and snow from driveways and sidewalks in the winter. 

An outside wood furnace is as the name implies - a wood fired furnace that sits outside. The furnace, looking much like a small utility building, is a water-
jacketed stove or "boiler" (although the water never boils!) 

On our 165 model, 170 gallons of water gets heated and circulates water between the outside furnace and the existing indoor furnace (or boiler), with insulated underground Pex pipe, using our standard supplied pump, where the heat is extracted by a heat exchanger (small radiator) to heat your home.

It works just like your car; your engine heats up the water and it is pumped to the heater core in your car and when you flip on the fan, you get instant heat.

Heating with a wood furnace outside has never been easier. Instead of carrying the wood, bugs and mess indoors, the wood burning furnace is outside - next to the wood!

Simple, clean and efficient, one outdoor wood furnace can heat multiple buildings; your house and shop, swimming pool, hot tub, driveway, hot water and your greenhouse.. *

5 Furnace Sizes!

4 COAL burner sizes!

4 Forced-Air Furnaces

Outside Wood Furnace Prices from $5377 including a pump, a 2nd set of ports for free, and  a built-in heat exchanger for your domestic hot water! - PRICES CLICK HERE!

Shaver Outdoor Wood Boiler


We now carry 4 sizes of
COAL burning furnaces.

These models are specifically designed to burn coal. With the fan feeding oxygen in from the bottom, the coal burns easily.
Shaker grates are installed in
all models.

Permitted in MANY states where
wood burning furnaces aren't!

Buy a Coal Burning Furnace TODAY!



World Exclusive - 5 year RUST BLOCKER - Best Water Treatment

about the Best Water Treatment!


Shaver Furnace Saves the Day!

Shaver Furnace Video Contest Winner!



Get a
Superior Wood Furnace!

Since 1972 - 41 Years Strong!

We will be here when you need us!


Many of our furnaces are still in use today
 - after 25 - 30 years in use!

That's why we can confidently give you a
20 Year ON-SITE Warranty!

*Read about the BEST Warranty in the industry!

At least 50% of the manufacturers out there require
you to ship the furnace back to them

and then you have to pay to ship it back to you
and THEN you have to get it back on your pad and reinstall it.
If you have a major problem, like a leak, we will wend someone right to you to repair it; saving you hundreds of dollars!


* cylinder/tube thickness


Please consult the dealer list before ordering from the factory.

Canadian Website

Please fill out our easy application HERE

Finance Your Outside Wood Furnace NOW!

Finance now for as low as $91 a month!
 With only $677 down! (Financing $4000)**

We gladly accept Checks by mail and PayPal.






For all installation needs, we recommend exclusively for Shaver Furnace Customers, Abbott Boiler Parts

Always, Low prices, honest, dependable and
reliable products and service!

Click Here! Parts: 828-687-4074

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Stainless Steel vs. Mild Steel in an Outdoor Wood Furnace 

BTU Load Calculator | Hydronic Wood Furnace | Cost Comparison Chart | Wood Furnace Articles

Wood species BTU comparison

Heating with Wood is Carbon Neutral

Energy Industry Comparison Report

Our favorite wood furnace dealer

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**Rates, terms and conditions subject to change. All financing is based on credit approval.

Modified  12-5-2014

Copyright 1995-2014

*Our standard furnace, the Shaver 165, 
will heat up to 4,000 sq feet
(One or more buildings), well insulated - plus hot water.
Varies with geographic location.

Will heat 5,000 sq ft. in temperate climates, such as SC, NV, TN.
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