Replacing or Repairing Your Shaver Door Seal

Replacing or Repairing

Your Shaver Furnace

Door Seal

(For Hydronic furnaces)


To Repair a leaking door seal you will need:

·         A metal putty knife or similar metal scraper (approx 1” wide)

·         Soapy water or alcohol

·         Cleaning rags or towels

·         2 tubes 100 percent rubber silicone General Purpose RTV Silicone (does not need to be high temp and any color may be used) up to two large tubes may be required. We use TremPro 644 General Purpose RTV Silicone Sealant from Fastenal. It is available nationwide.

·         A caulking gun (to apply the silicone)

·         Wax paper or Saran wrap


  1. First remove remaining door seal with a putty knife or similar metal scraper. It is not necessary to remove all of the original silicone seal but; all loose material should be removed.


  1. Next clean door seal trough with alcohol or soapy water to remove any soot or tar buildup and wipe dry. This will insure good cohesion with the new silicone you will be adding


  1. Next fill the area between the outer metal lip and the square inner bar with a thick bead of silicone (silicone should be at least 3/8” thick/deep). This usually takes about 1/2 a large tube of silicone per side. Do not apply sparingly as any excess silicone is easily trimmed off with a knife once it is fully cured.


  1. Cut or tear wax paper (or Saran Wrap) into strips about 3” wide. Cover the fresh silicone seal with these strips to prevent it from sticking to the door flange when making the seal impression.


  1. Close door (not completely), just enough insure contact has been made between door seal and flange of furnace. Contact should leave an impression in fresh silicone indicating all surface areas of door seal and furnace flange are touching. Some extra silicone may squeeze out from around and under the wax paper during this step and is to be expected if adequate amounts are used. This excess may be removed later.


  1. Open door and allow new silicone seal to cure for a full 24 hours before putting furnace into operation.  The wax paper may be removed prior to use but is not necessary. Excess silicone that may have squeezed out while making the impression may be removed or cut away at this time.


This new door seal should get your furnace back into serviceable condition and can be expected to last for several years. These steps may be followed to repair either door seal at any time but are especially easy to do prior putting the furnace into operation for a heating season.



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