Wood Furnace Pictures
Your choice of 20
great COLORS and
8000 unique combinations!

20 Great New Colors - plus Camouflage
and Galvalume - which lasts 6 times longer than galvanized steel!!

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Colors

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

We have a combination to match your home
or any surrounding buildings!

ALL furnaces now come with
Motion Detector lights STANDARD. 
No fumbling with switches or loading the wood in the dark. Simply get near to the furnace, and 2 floodlights will illuminate the way!

Outside wood furnace boiler

White with Ocean Blue

Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler

Hunter Green with black trim

Our Shaver 165 wood burning furnace in Forest Green, 
the main color we've been selling for 41 years.

But now we've added 19 more.

HERE NOW! Camouflage!

   Outdoor Wood Burning Stove   

Brick Red Outdoor Wood Furnace

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace  Outside Wood Burning Furnace  Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler

Ivory and Green Furnace

Outdoor wood burning furnace   Outdoor wood furnace

Ocean Blue Furnace

Outdoor wood fired furnace   white outdoor wood stove   best outdoor wood furnace
Bright White Outdoor Wood Furnace
with a green roof and black trim


Outside Wood Burning Boilers

Light Grey Furnace with Black Trim

Outside Wood Heaters

ANY color you want!

Outside Wood Heater - Stove

Ivory with Cocoa Brown corners

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

Shaver 290 Pro Series Furnace - 58" Firebox


Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Free Poker

Every furnace comes with a FREE poker!


Red outdoor furnace hanging


Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Hanging by Chimney

This furnace - 1600 lbs -  is hanging by the chimney. 
A testament to it's massive strength!

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

A little fun with Photoshop put this hanging furnace
over the edge at the Grand Canyon.


Back of Red outdoor wood boiler

Rear door of Wood Burning Boiler


Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Door


Outside Wood Burning Furnace Door

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Firebox 1/2"

Optional 1/2" thick firebox! The thickest in the world!

Our standard firebox is 3/8". 
3/8" is 50% thicker than most of the competition
and we have NEVER had a firebox failure!


Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Grates

Removable Grates made of 3/4" Bar Stock - the thickest in the industry!

outdoor furnace ash pan fan blower hole

Ash Pan - non-removable - easy to clean out with its own door!

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Cutaway
Click on picture above for a bigger version.

Outside Wood Burning Boiler Cutaway

22 year-old Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

This is about a 22 year old furnace. The patch on the roof is from a house fire 10 years ago. The original house, sitting right beside the furnace burned down but only damaged part of the roof but was still operational. They kept it right where it was for the next house and it's still being used today!

EXAMPLES of Color Combinations:

Ocean Blue with black

Green trim

Brick red with black

Bright White with black

Green with black

Tan with brown

Tan with black

Bright white with crimson

Green with black


Light grey with black trim

Ivory with burgundy

Ivory with ocean blue

Back Door of Green Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace


Get a Superior Wood Furnace!


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