Wood vs Propane Heat, Natural Gas and Electricity

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Wood Heating Cost is only 7% of Electric Heating Cost!

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wood vs propane heat

Cost Comparison Chart

“Wood Heating Cost is only 7% of Electric Heating Cost.”

The amount of heat created or used is measured in BTU’s. An average
home uses 200,000,000 BTU’s of total energy for heating per year. This
includes 25% usage for the heating of domestic water. Based on this
total consumption, the following amounts of fuel would be required to
produce 200,000,000 BTU’s. ┬áCheck out our wood vs propane heat chart below.

Heating Method BTU’s Per Unit Annual Requirements Cost Per Unit Total Annual Cost
Electricity 3,413
/kilowatt hr
58,600 $0.08 $4,688
Propane 24,200
8,264 $0.89 $7,380
Fuel Oil 36,300
5,509 $0.54 $2,947
Natural Gas 35,301
/cubic metre
5,665 $0.21 $1,207
Wood (Birch) 23,400,000
8.5 $75.00 $638


  • The above prices are in Canadian funds but the same relative percentage in savings can be applied to the US market.
  • Adjust the price per unit to reflect current local costs.
  • The above costs are not standard across Canada.

Wood is a Renewable Resource!

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