Shipping a Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace to Your Door

We’ll be happy to assist you any way we can!

We can arrange hassle-free delivery to your door nation-wide or you can pick it up here in Salem. We have a special truck and trailer to load and unload them.

To enquire about hassle-free shipping
of a Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace,
please call Randy at 608-399-4847

We have shipped furnaces to Canada,  the UK, Ireland and the Ukraine and all over the US, from CA to Maine and Alaska!.

We will usually deliver one furnace for 93¢ a loaded mile (only a one-way trip is charged)! There is a cap of $850, on our truck. for deliveries of up to 1300 miles and then 93¢/mile for the mileage over 1300. See example below.

We will place the furnace ON YOUR CONCRETE PAD, provided we can get to it, for only $75 extra.

Shaver Furnace Shipping


We can provide freight delivery, which is the only way we ship, West of Oklahoma. We have the best rates known!.


e.g. A furnace shipped to 52224, Dysart IA (531 miles) is $494

Fulton, MO $239.94 on our truck – curbside

Curbside delivery to Allentown, Eastern PA is normally $1025.79 BUT discounted to our cap of $850.

Example of delivery over 1300 mi: Delivery to Rhode Island 02859 is 1423 miles and is only $850 + 114.39 = 964.39, regular price $1323.39.

Cost by freight of a 165 model is $519.48  to a business with a loading dock or forklift or it can be shipped to a terminal, where they will unload it for you or $554.48, to a residence with a lift gate to unload the furnace.

Larger models cannot be unloaded with a liftgate.

Approximately 2 weeks to get on a truck and two to six business days for delivery.

There is NO SALES TAX when we deliver out of Arkansas.

Putting it on a steel pallet and crating it will be $125  only required by freight.

Check your mileage from 72576.  This is the factory location. Click on Get Directions on that page and put in your zip code to get the approximate mileage. Multiply this figure by $.93 to get a rough quote. Remember, that MapQuest uses car routes and not truck routes and so the mileage may be slightly different.

You can also visit us at Weld Rite Inc., 1148 Hwy 62 West, Salem AR 72576. We are on Highway 62 West in Salem about 1 mile west of the intersection of Hwy 62 and Hwy 9, across from the city park. Feel free to come and visit our facility and plant and see the furnaces made! (Please call first.)

We can arrange delivery to your door, hassle free or we can ship to a terminal, or a business or you can pick it up here.

The Shaver 165 outdoor wood furnace will fit in most pickup trucks and weighs 1600 lb. It measures 45″ x 54½”. They will normally fit right up against the cab, distributing some of the weight to the front of the vehicle. Bring padding and ropes!

You can reach us by e-mail at   

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