Pictures of a Standard Nature’s Comfort Furnace

If you are looking for pictures of furnaces, you need to check out our standard NCB-175-COAL model. We have profiled the entire model of this boiler on the page below. You will have a great general idea of what to expect from one of these NCB boilers!


Check out Randy showing off the EZ-Read Float, which shows how much water you currently have in the boiler.  The stainless steel float allows you to tell from quite a distance if you need more water or not!

pictures of furnaces

The front of the NCB-175-COAL showcases a large firebox door with a shaker grate handle to dump coal clinkers along with a pull out ash pan!


Notice the high quality firebrick inside the NCB-175-COAL along with a heavy duty rope seal to seal the heat in the firebox!


The ash pan pulls out easily to allow you to dump your ashes out easily and efficiently!


One more view of the pull out ash pan!


Inside the firebox of the NCB-175-COAL.  Notice the amazing heavy duty shaker grate system along with the firebrick to increase efficiency!  You can also see the water jacket in the back that surrounds the chimney.


One more view of the shaker grates and the firebrick…


A side view of the NCB-175-COAL.  You can get additional colors made for $100, gray is the default color.  Ask Randy for more details!


The simple and efficient controls in the back of the NCB-175-COAL.  Includes a pull out temperature gauge, extra port hookups and a Broeder pump

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