Outdoor Wood Furnace Forced Air – ThermoWind 1000 and 2000


SHAVER ThermoWind


Please note that all prices listed are for the
unit models only and do not include pex, parts or shipping costs!

Watch this video first:

Shaver Outdoor Forced-Air Wood Furnace with duct pipe

Easy installation!  12 inch galvanized pipe wrapped with
silverback insulation.  It can be installed above ground or
buried inside of a bigger diameter pipe and simply build a protection
roof over the exposed galvanized pipe to prevent the exposed pipe from

ThermoWind 1000

Rated to Heat up to 3500 sq. ft.

ONLY $4397!

It is rated at
91,000 BTU

burning a good hardwood like oak and better hardwoods

like Hickory, Locust or Hedge can
potentially give you


(no water to freeze)

ThermoWind 2000



Rated to Heat up to 5500 sq. ft. ¹

Has a bigger
2000 CFM blower and a bigger firebox (42″ vs. 28″ deep)

it’s 50% bigger and is
only $5047!

(Only $650 more for a
50% bigger furnace!)

It is rated at
135,000 BTU
burning a good hardwood like oak

ThermoWind 3000

TW3000 Forced-Air Furnace

Click HERE for
a bigger image


is Rated to Heat up to 6875 sq. ft.¹


55″ deep firebox with 2000 CFM 3-speed fan


only $5477!

It is rated at
165,000 BTU
burning a good hardwood like oak


ThermoWind 4000



ThermoWind 4000 forced air wood furnave

Click HERE for
a bigger image.

is Rated to Heat up to 8500+ sq. ft.¹

Loading twice a
day but it will heat more but it has to be loaded more

The ThermoWind 4000 is designed to heat a
large buildings.  It will have two full-size furnace
fans on it (2000 CFM each), to better heat a large
building – with a total of 4 ducts ( 2 supply and 2
return). It has a 68″ firebox that is 3 feet wide and has
two firebox doors; one on each end, to better and easier
load the furnace.  It has two forced air draft fans
with automatic dampers on them.

It is rated at
205,000 BTU burning a good hardwood like oak

The price is $6947

¹ Heating
a well-insulated home in a climate as cold as PA, using a
good hardwood like Oak and loading it twice a day.


Thermowind 1000 – Heats up to 3,500 sq ft.* 

46” x 62.75” – not crated

1480 lbs not crated 

Crated Approx: 1629 lbs
Shaver Thermowind 2000 – Heats
up to 5,500 sq ft.* 

46” x 77” – not crated

1840 lbs not crated 

Crated Approx: 1976 lbs
Shaver Thermowind 3000 –
Heats up to 6,875 sq ft.* 

46” x 90.5” – not crated

2160 lbs not crated 

Crated Approx: 2366 lbs

Shaver Thermowind 4000 –
Heats up to 8,500 sq ft.* 

71” x 76” – not crated

2800 lbs not crated 

Crated Approx: 2992 lbs

Crate Specs TW 1000: Height 97”, Width 52”, Length: 73
1/2” Weight approx 150 lb

Crate Specs TW 2000: Height 97”, Width 52”, Length: 91
1/2” Weight approx 150 lb

Crate Specs TW 3000: Height 97”, Width 52”, Length: 97
1/2” Weight approx 200 lb

Crate Specs TW 4000: Height 97”, Width 80 1/2”, Length: 91
1/2” Weight approx 200 lb


Width    Depth    Height

36” cylinder    36”     
26” + 10” for Ash Pan*

36” cylinder    36”      42”
26” + 10” for Ash Pan

TW-3000 36” cylinder
26” + 10” for Ash Pan

TW-4000 36” cylinder
36”      68”  
26” + 10” for Ash Pan

Fireboxes are 25″ from ground

*Non-removable Ash “Pan” or


Shaver Thermowind 1000 – 48″ x 63″
Suggested pad size 48” x 106”


Shaver Thermowind 2000 
48″ x 79″ Suggested pad size 48” x 122”



Shaver Thermowind 3000 
48″ x 91″ Suggested pad size 48” x 136”


Shaver Thermowind 4000 
71″ x 76″ Suggested pad size 71” x 114”


All specifications subject to
change at any time.


Forced air fan for home and forced air fan for furnace with solenoid activated

1500 CFM blower on TW1000

You get a
2000 CFM blower on the ThermoWind 2000, 3000 and two of them on the TW4000.

Forced air draft fan


The fans and thermostat included, have a
one-year warranty.

You get a solenoid activated damper too!
This automatic damper,

which is now standard equipment on the water models, will save

you a lot of wood! (no electronics or circuit boards to make this work!)

We had customers asking us to put this on our wood furnaces, after trying the
same dampers that were homemade. They had such good experiences that they asked
to start offering this as an option and now we have made it standard on every
model that we make. Air would no longer bleed into the firebox when the fan
turns off
and this is so much better than a manual damper that you have to adjust!

All parts
are available everywhere.

There are NO proprietary parts
or circuit

ONLY in the event of a power failure,
if you want heat
, this furnace requires
a 2000 Watt Generator for the
Thermowind 1000 model
and a standard portable 4000 watt generator for
the 2000 and 3000 models
because of the startup power that the motors take.

You MAY need an heating and air guy to hook up the duct work, but all
you really need is an adapter from a round 12″ pipe to your rectangle
(usually) pipe..

Everything is very simple and easy to do. There is a comprehensive manual,
with lots of pictures and diagrams, that will help you every step of the
way. You can also call me (Randy) or the factory for assistance.

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

Shaver has done it again! Backed by our
41 years of experience, we have developed a FORCED-AIR FURNACE that
doesn’t need water!

Comes complete with a forced-air
draft fan and automatic damper plus a full-size furnace squirrel cage
fan (1500 CFM or 2000 CFM)

– IDEAL for homes or shops without
an existing heating system! No ductwork? No radiators? No boiler? No

– Excellent for those people with cabins or homes
that are left unattended.

– Use out built-in furnace fan
instead of an air handler or utilize your current furnace!

Before spending thousands on a furnace for your garage or ship plus
many more thousands for fuel – choose a ThermoWind for virtually FREE

– Eliminate the threat of fire by having the furnace away
from the house, just like with our outdoor wood fired WATER furnace
(often called a “boiler”.

– No carrying wood into the house,
along with the bugs, bark and trash.

– NO SMOKE in the house

Only if you have a outside wood forced air furnace
inside your can you use a ThermoWind because ductwork is needed, so an
electric, gas, oil, propane furnace, etc, and heat pump or geothermal
system can be used.

No boilers or radiant floor heating
systems can be hooked up. However, you can add ductwork to any
building (or not even use any ductwork) to heat a building.

can even help you if you don’t have any heating system now!

case of a power failure, you can still have a nice warn house, when
everyone else is cold!!

ONLY in the case of power failure and
if you want heat, it requires a 2000 Watt Generator for the ThermoWind
1000 model
(only $200 at Wal-mart)
or a standard portable 4000
watt generator for the ThermoWind 2000 model, (because of the startup
power that the motors take), with plenty of power left over for
lights, etc.

This furnace can go outside and does not have to
be bolted to the house or go in the basement like every other model
out there!

Heat is carried to your home through insulated 12″
pipes, buried underground or you can use regular and less expensive
regular ductwork which you can insulate yourself.

According to
the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) our furnace needs to be 5 feet away
from flammables. The ThermoWind units cannot generally be more than 15
feet from your home because the temperature losses and airflow losses
but in no case can be more than 30 feet away from your existing

You only need ductwork, thermostat and wire and a
power wire to install.

No more worries about frozen water!

NO CHEMICALS or annual water tests! No pumps!

Also perfect
for folks who have power failures often (you would need a generator to
get heat but there is no worry about frozen water, etc)

Insulated Underground Pipe – Duct!

NOW there is no need to put
the furnace right next to the house or in the basement with our
revolutionary insulated underground pipe! (not included)

air pipes/ducts are only 12″ in diameter so a standard backhoe with a
24″ bucket can easily dig a trench for the pipes to lay side-by-side.

A 12″ round duct is equivalent to a duct that is 8″ X 15″ or 10″ X
12″ and you will get the same air flow of 2000 CFM.

An 8″ X 12″
or a 10″ X 10″ will give max 1500 CFM.

We are the only
manufacturer that is doing this!

Air & Water Tight
Walls on underground pipe.
Easy to Install
You only need
ductwork, thermostat and thermostat wire and a power wire.
and Efficient
PVC FREE ductwork