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These dimensions are the same for both wood and coal burners.

Our new 1/2 firebox models are 2-300 lb heavier!

Shaver Pro Series 140  -  45" x 48.5" x 90" tall


Shaver Pro Series 165* -  45" x 54.5" x 90" tall


Shaver Pro Series 250* -  45" x 70.5" x 90" tall  


Shaver Pro Series 290  -  45" x 78.5" x 90" tall


Shaver Pro Series 340  -  45" x 88.5" x 90" tall  


* Our two most popular models (90% of sales)




Weights shown are with a 3/8" thick firebox uncrated/crated, followed by the shipping weights of the 1/2" firebox uncrated/crated.


Shaver Pro Series 165   -  1641/1883/1920/2227


Shaver Pro Series 250*  -  1968/2275/2380/2687


Shaver Pro Series 290   -  2175/2586/2560/2970 


Shaver Pro Series 340   -  2365/2920/2940/3945


* * Our most popular model (70% of sales)


The uncrated weights include a steel pallet, so to find out how much weight you have to lift/move, you could deduct the weight of the pallet below. The pallet will drop off when you lift the furnace:

Pro Series 140 pallet weight = 100lbs

Pro Series 165 pallet weight = 100lbs

Pro Series 250 pallet weight = 160lbs

Pro Series 290 pallet weight = 160lbs

Pro Series 340 pallet weight = 180lbs


You can also ask for pad delivery, for only $75, in which case we will move the furnace to your pad (provided that we could get to it safely, the ground is relatively level and not muddy).

Crating is necessary for freight delivery.




Model  Description  Width  Depth   Height (approx)
140 cylinder 36” 28” 26” + 10” for Ash Pan*
165 cylinder 36” 34” 26” + 10” for Ash Pan*
250 cylinder 36” 50”  26” + 10” for Ash Pan*
290 cylinder 36” 58”   26” + 10” for Ash Pan*
340 cylinder 36” 68” 26” + 10” for Ash Pan*

* non-removable ash pan. Easy to clean out with its own door!




Now 20 colors for your siding - 

A total of over 8000 color combinations - sides, corners and roof

Wood burning furnace siding colors

Also introducing Real Tree™ Camouflage!

An extra charge option.


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Modified 11-20-2013

*Our standard furnace will heat over 4,000 sq feet
including all buildings, well insulated - plus hot water.
The Shaver 250 will heat up to 5,500 sq. ft.
Severe Northern climates may require use of the Shaver 250 for a 4,000 sq. ft. home.
Check the
BTU load Calculator!