Nature's Comfort Outdoor Wood Furnace Specs

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These dimensions are the same for both wood and coal burners.

NCB-80  -  46"w x 54"l x 70"h    *only available in wood*

NCB-120  -  40"w x 65"l x 87"h

NCB-175  -  50"w x 67"l x 85"h

NCB-250  -  50"w x 85"l x 85"h

NCB-275G  -  50"w x 73"l x 89"h

NCB-325G  -  50"w x 85"l x 89"h

NCB-400G  -  50"w x 85"l x 96"h

GT-6000  -  45"w x 78"l x 85"h   *EPA Phase II Qualified Unit*


Weights shown are uncrated weights.

NCB-80  -  1050lb    *only available in wood*

NCB-120  -  1446lb

NCB-175  -  1733lb

NCB-250  -  2114lb

NCB-275G  -  2113lb

NCB-325G  -  2313lb

NCB-400G  -  2613lb

GT-6000  -  2370lb   *EPA Phase II Qualified Unit*


NCB-80  -  large firebox - 15cu/ft

NCB-120  -  15cu/ft (36D x 24W x 31.5H), 1/4″ thick

NCB-175  -  13.5cu/ft (29.25″ Cylinder 36″D), 1/4″ thick

NCB-250  -  20.5cu/ft (29.25″ Cylinder 54″D), 1/4″ thick

NCB-275G  -  23.4cu/ft (42D x 30W x 36H), 1/4″ thick

NCB-325G  -  28.5cu/ft (54D x 30W x 36H), 1/4″ thick

NCB-400G  -  40.0cu/ft (54D x 30W x 46H), 1/4″ thick

GT-6000  -  40L x 28W x 30H, 1/4" thick


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