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Load with your back hoe or front-end loader!

Load from the side safely by hand!

To enquire about the
Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Top-Loader Boiler

please call 608-519-4664

Large Top Loading Furnace! Load it with even MORE logs for even longer burn times!

Don't load your log burner furnace multiple times per day as you do with traditional wood stoves.

All types of fuel can be used to create hot water (heat) such as stumps, wood chips, brush, wood by-product, pelletized wood and of course, almost 6 foot long logs!

This product is manufactured in Arkansas but made for the great white north.



1/2" THICK Firebox

STRONGER Fillit welds

427 Gallons for maximum reserve; over 400,000 BTUs in reserve, available to heat your home or building even if the fire goes out (due to no wood).

6 foot long firebox x 3 feet wide x 3 feet tall, not including the ash pan area = 54 cu. ft. compared to a max of 13 cu. ft with our 316 model (over 4 times the capacity).

Based on firebox (wood) capacity, it will heat 32,000 sq. ft., loading it just twice a day with a good hardwood - like oak or maple, assuming the building is well-insulated.

You could heat a 16,000 sq. ft building, loading it just once a day. 

You could heat a 8,000 sq. ft building loading it once every two days.

You could heat a 4,000 sq. ft building loading it once every 4 days! NICE!

Wireless remote push button opener (operates the hydraulic rams) is only $150 + $45 for extra keys.

Side door for safer hand loading too AND ash cleanout!

2000 lb lid acts like a trash compactor, smashing the logs info the firebox, with its weight and the hydraulic rams.

Can be made as a gasification unit just like all of our other furnaces.

Model Comparisons

  Model 316 - Heats up to 7,710 sq. ft.
Fire Box  4'L X 3'W X 3íH
FB Capacity 36 cubic feet
Water Capacity 316 gall  147 gall bottom water jacket, 169 top water jacket
BTU 308,416
Price $9,264

  Model 450 - Heats up to 10,418 sq. ft.
Fire Box  6'L X 3'W X 3íH
FB Capacity 54 cubic feet
Water Capacity 425 gall  186 gall bottom water jacket, 239 top water jacket
BTU 416,752
Price $12,325

  Model 1000 - Heats up to 11,858 sq. ft.
Fire Box  5'L X 5'W X 3íH
FB Capacity 75 cubic feet
Water Capacity 486 gall  181 gall bottom water jacket, 305 top water jacket
BTU 474,336
Price $14,481

  Model 1350 - Heats up to 32,403 sq. ft.
Fire Box  6'L X 6'W X 6íH
FB Capacity 216 cubic feet
Water Capacity 1328 gall  544 gall bottom water jacket, 784 top water jacket
BTU 1,296,128
Price $21,227

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