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Energy Industry Comparison Report

Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnaces wants to provide you with the most accurate information available. No hype. Just the facts.

YOU are intelligent enough to separate fact from fiction.

If you saw this however, you may have assumed that THE "Energy Industry" wrote this report. 

Have you seen a reference to this online?

Energy Industry Comparision Report (they misspelled it)


"...the Hawken Furnace has been rated “Industry Top Choice” by the Energy Industry Comparison Report."

or this?

"The Hawken Furnace is the Clear Winner! "
-- Pentwater Group


Who is the Pentwater Group?

Does the Energy Industry really exist?

If so. Who are they?

A customer asked me about this report and I was shocked at what I found!

This is what I wrote in my reply,

I'm glad you pointed me to the "Energy Industry's top 10 furnaces report"
I tried to find it online and it doesn't exist. Why not?
I downloaded it from the Hawken website and it is obviously a one-sided biased report prepared for Hawken and it was NOT prepared by the "Energy Industry."
It was prepared by a company called Pentwater Group LLC, which is
" ... a venture capital consulting firm with clients in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit and elsewhere." (According to a disclaimer at the end of the report.)
The company's website is not working and I can find just one reference to them online so far.
I need to post this dis-information on my websites!"

The Pentwater is NOT the Energy Industry. It is a private firm whose client is clearly Hawken.

Decide for yourself.



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Modified 11-20-2013

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